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Tourmasheen ~ $50

Copper SB Coil, Abalone shells, Green Tourmaline, Quartz, 
24K Gold Powder & Silver Coated Copper Microns.

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Check out all the new Pendants!

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Prices and descriptions up  shortly!

Around the House


Custom Octahedron ~ Ascension Device

My New Love Affair

Love Affair ~ $38

Green Tourmaline & Bubble Lepidolite


Electrothentic ~ $45

Bubble Lepidolite, Green Tourmaline, Peacock Pyrite,Super Power Base

24K Gold Powder & Silver Coated Copper Microns

Red Eye For Sight ~ $35

Red Eye For Sight 

Red Tigers Eye, Moss sitting behind Azurite and Chalco Pyrite
24K Gold Powder throughout.

Sealike Azurite ~ $35

Bubbly Unique Azurite piece, Moss sitting behind Amethyst, Magnesite, and Chrysocolla. Immense amount of 24K Gold Powder.

Chlorite Phantom

Earth Connection ~ Devic Meditation


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